The German Consonant: Q

The German letter 'q' is similar to English in that it's always followed by a 'u'. However, the German pronunciation of the 'qu' letter combination is very much different than in English; as it's pronounced as a 'kv' letter combination, which is an unfamiliar sound to English speakers.

The 'qu' letter combination could appear at the start or the middle of a word, but it never ends one.

Examples with Pronunciation
Letter combination 'qu' in initial position
Qualm - thick smoke Quelle - source Quittung - receipt
Quiz - quiz quer - diagonally Qualle - jellyfish
Letter combination 'qu' in medial position
Frequenz - frequency adäquat - adequate bequem - comfortable
Sequenz - sequence Aquarium - aquarium Liquidität - liquidity

You might take sometime until you get used to the sound. Also spelling words containing the 'qu' combination might be a bit confusing at first.