About Deutsched

Deutsched is a free German education website brought to you by Amr Boghdady (me!).

I'm an Egyptian student studying the German language just as you. The whole German language thing started back in 2004 when I first took a few German classes in University. Since then, and I became truly interested in the language !

With the aid of my mother (who's a fluent German speaker), and by listening to a few audio tapes, I was able to get a good grasp of the language.
But that wasn't enough, what considerably improved my German language was visiting Germany, and actually interacting with the people there.
In my spare time I grab any German magazine and try to understand whatever I could from it. I pay special attention to the way the sentences are constructed, the verbs used in different situations, and even write down my own notes while reading these magazines.

Using this website, I'm trying to share with everybody what I've learned thus far, and really hope it will be useful to you during your German learning journey :)

Viel Glück :)
Amr Boghdady