The German Consonant: L

The German letter 'l' is another letter that is pronounced exactly as its English counterpart, whether its at the beginning, middle, or end of a word.

Click on the examples in the table below to hear how words containing the letter 'l' are pronounced in the German language.

Examples with Pronunciation
Letter 'l' in initial position
Lächeln - smile Laken - bed sheet leid - sorrow
lockig - curly lieben - to love lügen - to tell lies
Letter 'l' in medial position
Abhilfe - remedy helfen - to help Athlet - athlete
Blume - flower Silber - silver gelb - yellow
Letter 'l' in final position
Nebel - fog Achsel - shoulder Apfel - apple
dunkel - dark Vogel - bird manchmal - sometimes

See! You already knew how to pronounce the German 'l' !
You will later find that most of the other German letters are pretty similar to their English counterparts as well.