The German Consonant: F

The letter 'f' is exactly similar to its English counterpart. Whether it's at the beginning, middle, or end of a word, just go ahead and pronounce it exactly as you do in English. Click on the examples in the table below to hear how words having the letter 'f' are pronounced in the German language.

Examples with Pronunciation
Letter 'f' in initial position
Familie - family finden - to find Freund - friend
falsch - false Flug - flight Farbe - colour
Letter 'f' in medial position
treffen - to meet Büffel - buffalo gefallen - to please sb.
Apfel - apple Elefant - elephant kaufen - to buy
Letter 'f' in final position
steif - stiff Kopf - head Chef - boss
Bahnhof - station Knauf - knob Brief - letter

The letter combination 'pf' might sound a bit strange to English speakers, but in German, both the 'p' and 'f' are pronounced.

To summarize, the German letter 'f' is pronounced exactly as in English; no matter its position within a word.