The German Consonant: M

Yet another letter that is common between German and English! The German letter 'm' is pronounced exactly as its English counterpart, whether its at the beginning, middle, or end of a word.

Click on the examples in the table below to hear how words containing the letter 'm' are pronounced in the German language.

Examples with Pronunciation
Letter 'm' in initial position
Mann - man manchmal - sometimes mehr - more
Morgen - morning/tomorrow Mikrophon - microphone möglich - possible
Letter 'm' in medial position
Blume - flower Chemie - chemistry Drama - drama
Familie - family imitieren - to imitate nehmen - to take
Letter 'm' in final position
dumm - dumb Altenheim - retirement home Baum - tree
Traum - dream Film - film Problem - problem

The German letter 'm' is another easy one, due to its similarity with its English counterpart!
The lesson is so simple, that it doesn't even need a summary!