Irregular Verbs - Exercise 1

Type the correct verb conjugations in the present tense.

  • All answers are case-sensitive.
  • If you can't figure out the answer of a certain question, press on the 'hint' button next to it.
  • German characters are found on the first row of the table, copy/paste them into your answers whenever needed.
Irregular Verbs - Exercise 1
Special characters: Ä - Ö - Ü - ä - ö - ü - ß
1) Du (essen) zu viel Käse
2) Er (schlafen) drei Stunden
3) Du (heißen) Peter
4) Ihr (spenden) 5 Euro
5) Er (sehen) einen Film
6) Du (tanzen) allein
7) Er (lesen) viel
8) Du (küssen) mich