Die Farben - Colors

Learning colors in German is quite easy, as most of the words are similar to those in English. Below is a list of colors in the German language, along with some related phrases as well !

Colors in German
White weiß Black schwarz
Red rot pink rosa
Blue blau Turquoise türkis
Green grün Gray grau
Brown braun Beige beige
Yellow gelb Orange orange
Violet violett Lilac lila
Silver silbern Gold gold
Light hell Dark dunkel

Light or dark colors are preceeded with 'hell' and 'dunkel'.

  • hellblau - Light blue
  • dunkelblau - Dark blue

To ask for something's color you simply use 'Welche Farbe hat ..'

  • Welche Farbe hat das Auto? - Which color does the car have?